Dental Implants

Astounding aesthetic quality that looks, feels and functions like natural teeth.

  • Rogers’ utilizes CAD/CAM technology for precision and accuracy in design and fabrication.
  • Unique abutments are designed to specifically match the natural tooth shape it replaces.
  • Can compensate for offset or angled fixture replacement.
  • Creates parallelism in complex, multi-unit cases.


Our expertise in various implant systems come from a variety of customized manufacturers’ training programs, combined with years of successful case experience. If you need assistance with implant systems, our skilled specialists offer competence, experience and informed professional advice.

We have a complete line of precision and semi-precision attachments, as well as precision milling for when custom designs are needed, making design alternatives endless. Give us a call with any questions you may have about your implant cases.Implants from Rogers Dental

We offer:

  • Rogers Custom Abutment
  • Atlantis Abutments
  • 3i Encode Abutments
  • Zimmer Custom Abutments
  • Straumann Custom Abutments
  • Vulcan Abutments
  • Cad Milled Bars