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The NTI-tss Plus™ protects teeth, muscles and joints by suppressing parafunctional muscle contraction by almost 70%. Originally developed to prevent migraine pain, the NTI-tss Plus is proven to be a superior alternative to full coverage bite guards.
The NTI-tss Plus also gives dentists a way to simply and effectively treat patients suffering from tension and migraine headaches by reducing the intensity of jaw clenching while the patient sleeps.
Rogers’ also offers the NTI-tss Plus Soft. This is a custom fit NTI-tss Plus device fabricated using Keller’s hard/soft thermo-formed material with a Clear 450® Discluding Element (DE) affixed. 
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NTI-tss Plus Practice AdvantagesNTI Web Image 6-13

  • Easier to seat with fewer adjustments than a traditional bite guard
  • Less chair time
  • Excellent practice builder

NTI-tss Plus Patient Advantages

  • More comfortable
  • Less chair time
  • More effective

NTI-tss Plus Indications

  • Tooth wear from bruxing and clenchingNTI-Drawing
  • Muscle pain associated with muscle dysfunction
  • Diagnostic treatment planning

NTI-tss Plus Contraindications

  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Severely worn centrals
  • Incompatible occlusal scheme

What to Send

  • Upper and lower models or VPS impressions
  • Maximum protrusive measurement
Max Prot Measurement Diagram
The NTI-tss protocol is indicated for the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain and jaw disorders through the reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity.


Full-coverage bite guards increase clenching activity for some patients by providing an ideal clenching surface for canines and molars. The NTI-tss Plus discludes all posteriors and reduces clenching intensity by nearly 70%.

More comfortable, better compliance

The NTI-tss Plus is smaller, less bulky and won’t trigger a gag reflex. Because it is more comfortable, patients actually wear it.

Less chairtime, easier to seat

Because the NTI-tss Plus covers only the front teeth it’s easier to seat, saving you valuable chair time.

Durable, precise fit

NTI-tss Plus is made from Rogers’ Clear 450® thermoplastic material. Our high heat, high pressure injection process guarantees a perfect fit with proven durability. Clear 450 provides a perfect fit with no shrinkage and won’t absorb stains or odors. Clear 450 is proven to last three times longer than conventional acrylic guards.


Although some doctors still prefer the maxillary NTI-tss Plus, more experienced users continue to find additional indications for a lower appliance. Factors that influence arch choice may include clinical crown length and tooth contour (retention), tooth rotations and malposition, uneven incisal edges, and narrow arch width. Your Rogers’ technical advisor can make recommendations after models are mounted and analyzed in the laboratory.

Recommended insurance code

All plans are different so coverage varies. In general the same insurance codes for splints, TMJ appliances, and habit appliances all apply to the NTI-tss Plus™.
*Please note: Rogers’ Dental Lab certifies that Clear 450® does not contain Bisphenol-A

NTI-tss Plus Quick Seating Steps:

1. If needed, remove interproximal fins with Miltex blade and try appliance back in patient’s mouth.
2. If appliance is too tight, use a rubber point to adjust appliance internally at gingival third in the tight areas. Use hand piece at 20K – 25K rpm. The rubber point will take away small amounts of material and smooth and polish at the same time. (Only make small adjustments at a time as being too aggressive may make appliance too loose.)
3. Remove any threads of acrylic with the blade after trimming.
4. You can also reline by placing a small drop of Snap Acrylic on the gingival third on the labial and lingual of the internal aspect of the appliance and place in patient’s mouth for two minutes. Trim as necessary using the rubber point.